Recently released (Gamigo). High fantasy midcore city builder. Build a city for orcs, elves, and dwarves. Manage resources, citizens, assign workers, and upgrade buildings while sending people on explorations to expand your city and unlock new buildings.

Golf Champions

Unreleased (Original game by Behaviour Interactive). 3D midcore golf game with a selection of 20 characters and 70+ locations to play turn-based multiplayer matches. Each character is unique with attributes like power and accuracy.

Rescue Forces

10k+ installs (Gamigo). Hybrid casual game with an open world. You play as a soldier and have a warship to travel around. You can fight other ships, land and shoot enemies to unlock new areas. Recruit new soldiers and upgrade your ship and guns.

Sneaker Art

34m+ installs (Tapnation). Casual simulation game where you can customize sneakers with a variety of colors, stickers, accessories to craft unique designs. Create your own collection of custom sneakers.

Hack Computer

2m+ installs (Kwalee). Casual simulation game where you play as a hacker in different storlines. Players can upgrade their hideout and outfits. Unique and entertaining animations for each scenario.

Idle Movie Theatre

20k+ installs (Gismart). An Idle game with 4 unique locations to build your cinema empire. Upgrade your theater, queue, shops and much more to passively earn money and unlock new areas.


20k+ installs (Gismart). A puzzle racing game with IO multiplayer. 10 unique locations. AI opponents with increasing difficulty as you progress. Boss fights, and a large collection of skins to customise your racer.

Tipsy Ball

A casual game where you dodge obstalces to reach the finish. It includes the EazeGames SDK to enable multiplayer matches where players can chip in and win real money.

Retro Revolution

Retro Revolution is an arcade game designed in an 8-bit retro art style. Players control a ball to avoid obstacles and compete on a leaderboard. The game also offers various skins, locations and 8-bit chiptune music.

Animix Puzzle

A jigsaw inspired puzzle game. Objects are animated inside the blocks to create a unique effect and add a twist to the puzzle.

2048 Sandwich

A 2048 based puzzle game where you swipe number blocks to roll them over each other like sandwiches to create the target value.

Balloon Blaster

A fun 2D shooter and puzzle mix. Aim with a nice trajectory to shoot a bouncing cannon ball to try and smash everything in the least tries.

Fractal Forest

A randomly generated fractal forest made using the p5 javascript framework.

Unity ML Agents

A small project exploring the basic premise of reinforcement learning using Unity's ML agents. The project trains a game object to jump over obstacles at the correct time to score a point.